Ez Table Coder

Welcome to the Ez Table Coder.

To present your domain selling prices etc in a nice table fashion quickly on forums, simply paste from excel into the box below and thenthen copy the output into your post. For namepros you will need BB code you can test your output with test posts at namepros sandbox

Note: Most Internet forums use BBC code (Bulletin Board Code) for formatting your text.

1) Mark and copy your data. If you have a spreadsheet program open you should just select the area you want to be in the table and copy it onto the clipboard.

2) Insert/paste your table data here:

3) Select any options:

Needed type of table:
BBC code

The first line is a header row

The first column is a header column

Header font is:

Border: (ignored with BBC code, requires HTML enabled wiki)

Click for advanced options

4) Click the button:

5) Your ready to use table:

Here's a table preview: